Husky Handshake

Before any initial walks or visits, we require a Meet-N-Greet with potential new clients. During Meet-N-Greets we assess if we are a good fit for you and your fur baby and vice versa. The Meet-N-Greet typically takes place in your home, we go over any details of what is necessary to ensure we provide the great loving care your pet deserves. Please have an extra set of tested keys available for exchange at this time. 

*Complimentary Meet-N-Greet 


Cat Resting

Away Visits/Drop-in-visits 

  • $3 surcharge for visits before 9am, after 6pm

  • $5 surcharge weekends 

  • Holiday Visit - $10.00 surcharge (please see policy for holiday list) per visit

  • For households with two dogs or more, we will need to schedule a 30 min slot for walks 

  • $10 surcharge per additional dog

  • $5 per additional cat. As we are sure you know- It's a lot more care and attention than to just one :)

  • $5 surcharge per visit Special needs pets (including administration of medication/ doggie diaper/ excessive clean up etc) 

15 min


30 Min


45 Min



Overnight Pet Sitting

  • Extra hours can be added at a discounted rate of $20 (M-Th) $30(F-Sun and holidays) per hour before 9pm and after 9am.

  • $10 per "special needs/ elderly dog/cat per day

  • $10 per additional dog per day

  • $5 per additional cat per day








Walking the Dog

Dog Walks

  • Duration, distance, and pace of walks will vary to suit your pups needs.

  • Dogs are walked (one-on-one leash) in your preferred areas, usually your own neighborhood.

  • After the walk we change their water, treat them (if allowed), pet them, and kiss them goodbye!

  • We will text you a short description of our time together along with a picture or video.

  • $10 surcharge for each additional dog.

  •  $5 fee will be added to visits on weekends and walks

  • $3 surcharge before 9am or after 6pm. 

  • $10.00 surcharge on holidays. . 

15 Min


30 Min


45 Min