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Minimum Visits


**To ensure the safety and good health of all pets within our care, we have requirements for the minimum number of visits when clients are out-of-town.


Cats-    We require a minimum of one visit per day for cat (s) and kitten (s).  During your absence, most cats tend to explore more than usual, which may lead to them getting hurt or stuck. For the well-being of your cat or kitten and home, we must enforce this rule.


Dogs-  We require a minimum of two visits per day for dog (s) and puppy (s), but highly recommend three. During your absence, dogs tend to feel lonely and sad. Therefore, two to three visits will give your dog the attention deserved for playtime, belly rubs, and or do walking.  This dog service approach ensures your dog is happy and content.



Job Sharing


Doggy Walker's Club cannot be held responsible for your pet or home, if another service provider, friend, or family member enters your property. More than one party involved in the care of your pet may result in mistakes of feeding and/or dog walking schedules. One of our strongest attributes is attention to detail.  In our experience, jobs go much more smoothly when one is taking care of a pet.



We do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs, including same day appointments or re-arranging walk times at the last minute.  We also understand that sometimes emergencies occur.  In those circumstances, there is no penalty for cancellation, as long as we receive notice before 7 pm the day prior to your scheduled dog walking service and 7 day notice before canceling any scheduled pet sitting service.

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